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I’m counting on you…

It’s that time again! The deadline for our Quarterly campaign disclosure report is quickly approaching. Over the past 3 months, many of you have already contributed, but want to do more. Some of you intended to Read more […]

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H.O.P.E. and Leadership…

Yesterday, the political landscape of South Carolina changed significantly, in ways that are unprecedented. Four incumbent Senators in the upstate were defeated in runoff elections and the voters of House District 79 chose their democrat nominee in a runoff. With two extremely capable candidates vying for the seat, it was undoubtedly a very spirited race. Dr. Elkins should be commended for her efforts and willingness to serve the people of House District 79, just as she serves the parents, Read more […]

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The “new” normal

One year ago today, nine beautiful souls were gunned down in cold blood as they studied God’s Word together at Mother Emanuel in Charleston. With heavy hearts, we came together in the spirit of Christian love, compassion and forgiveness, tinged with unspeakable heartbreak, devastation and grief. Countless prayer vigils, marches, memorial tributes and moments of silence were held in remembrance of those who were slain and by His grace, we were finally able to bring the Confederate Flag down. But Read more […]

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Dirty politics

This is precisely what’s wrong with today’s politics. Not only is this reference to me not true, but it shows the tactics that old guard wannabe politicians use to try to remain relevant. It’s sad that the only way the old guard can try to defeat our Senate campaign is to create lies that attempt to destroy my relationships with many of my Republican friends and supporters in Senate District 22. Today, I ask Susan Brill to call off her attack dogs and condemn this type of dirty politics Read more […]

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