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About this weekend…


As SC braces for an unprecedented storm this weekend, we want you to be as safe and as vigilant as possible. Please take every precaution to ensure your safety by following these and other recommendations from our Emergency Preparedness Team:

Five Helpful Tips for this weekend:
1. Stay off the roads as much as possible, especially at night – Beware of low-lying roads that may be flooded, and take caution driving over and under bridges and overpasses;
2. Do not drive through flooded areas or standing water – If floodwaters rise around your car, abandon the car and move to higher ground; it is easy for you or your car to be swept away;
3. Clean and disinfect everything that gets wet from floodwaters – Wet items may be contaminated with sewage, bacteria, or harmful chemicals;
4. Elevate furnaces, water heaters, electric panels, power strips, and electronics off the ground or to a higher floor if they are susceptible to flooding;
5. Check on your neighbors and loved ones, especially the sick or elderly – If your home is flooding, then safely move to a friend’s home or a shelter. To request a shelter, please contact your county’s emergency management office: http://scemd.org/who-we-are/county-agencies

For the latest forecast information, visit the National Weather Service’s website: http://www.weather.gov/

For more information about flooding, visit EMD’s website: http://scemd.org/planandprepare/disasters/faqs