Mia for Senate

Dirty politics


This is precisely what’s wrong with today’s politics. Not only is this reference to me not true, but it shows the tactics that old guard wannabe politicians use to try to remain relevant.

It’s sad that the only way the old guard can try to defeat our Senate campaign is to create lies that attempt to destroy my relationships with many of my Republican friends and supporters in Senate District 22.

Today, I ask Susan Brill to call off her attack dogs and condemn this type of dirty politics by making the promise that she’ll no longer support and accept dark money from those who attempt to anonymously influence campaigns.

Susan, stand with me to create a truly transparent and accountable democratic process.

Fortunately, my constituents know that I don’t usually involve myself in other candidates’ races. They also know that whatever I do, I own. I’m not afraid to put my name on it.

And I’m bold enough to tell you exactly what I’m doing and why I’m doing it, so you never have to guess or wonder where I stand.

Unlike these cowards, I don’t engage in ghost-attacks, slander, race-baiting or hide behind rhetoric that’s divisive and counter-productive.

We know exactly who’s behind these lies. The appropriate authorities now know too. And if they haven’t disclosed their identities and campaign activities to the SC Ethics Commission, we will.

Enough of the dirty politics. The people of Richland County deserve leaders who’ll stand up for them and not bow down to or be torn apart by divisive, dishonest, self-serving good ole boys and gals.

Stand with me, Susan Brill. Let’s focus on the issues facing our constituents and expose the dark money that secretly attempts to influence our democracy.

Here’s the deal…

If your folks wanna continue to put information out there to deceive, divide and confuse voters, they better find another place to do it and another candidate to target.

I’m not the one. Neither are the people of Senate District 22…