Mia for Senate

Govern not, lest you be governed…


Sometimes, one has to suggest something so unprecedented that it shocks the conscience and forces us to initiate a broader discussion that wouldn’t have been possible otherwise. That’s precisely what my Erectile Dysfunction bill does.

And talk about a conversation starter…

I’ve gotten countless phone calls and emails from folks across the country who are overwhelmingly supportive and grateful that somebody…anybody…had the nerve…the audacity…the unmitigated gall to ‘flip the script’ on these so-called Christian Conservatives who hide behind their “pro-life” partisan political rhetoric to push their pro-birth partisan political agendas.

But make no mistake, everybody ain’t happy. In fact, I’ve even heard from a handful of men who are downright disgusted…

“How dare you!”
“If you want to be a doctor, go to med school.”
“Since when do we need politicians telling us what to do about erectile dysfunction?”
This is a total waste of time and our tax dollars!”
“Shouldn’t legislators be passing bills about roads and public education, instead of worrying about Viagra and abortions?”


Wonder if these men know they’re “preachin’ to the choir.” Truth is…we should be focused on equity in education, closing the healthcare gap, fixing our roads, working our way out of the number one spot for domestic violence and ensuring that our students have the education and skills they need to compete for jobs right here in SC, so that we don’t continue to lose our best and brightest to opportunities in other states.

But the reality is…we’re not.

And as happy as I am to finally have their attention…look what it took to get it. Where have these guys been all these years? We could’ve really used the help when my Republican colleagues wasted our time and your tax dollars investigating Planned Parenthood without cause and coming up with extra hoops and hurdles for women to jump through.

Funny how SC government works, isn’t it? So now that we’re broadening the conversation to include Erectile Dysfunction…an issue that directly or potentially impacts them, they’re like, “whoa…this is sad…absurd…a ridiculous waste of time.”

Really? Democrats have been singing that tune about your anti-abortion antics for years.

And our SCGOP colleagues’ hypocrisy is the gift that keeps on giving. Somehow, tinkering with and meddling in women’s sexual and reproductive health issues is vastly different from tinkering with and meddling in men’s.

Hmmm…imagine that.

Gettin’ a taste of your own medicine can sometimes be a little hard to swallow, but this little blue pill is really about gender equity…not abortion or erectile dysfunction.

It’s about recognizing that government has no place in either of these deeply personal and private decisions. It’s about a fundamental belief that women and men deserve dignity, respect and the freedom to make these difficult decisions without undue governmental interference.

It wasn’t introduced to punish men. But those who think so probably agree with our state’s GOP Presidential nominee and frontrunner Donald Trump, that women who have abortions should be punished.

My ED bill was introduced to simply broaden the discussion, expose the hypocrisy, acknowledge the double-standards and hopefully put an end to the “ridiculousness.”

Over the past 6 years, I’ve been fighting for “the least of these.” Sadly, in SC, that includes women when it comes to equal pay for equal work, parity in reproductive healthcare and protection from domestic abuse.

But some GOP legislators still refer to my ED bill jokingly. Guess it is funny for those who get to govern while excluding themselves from being governed.

With only 24 women in the House and Senate (combined), we don’t have the luxury of laughing at the insensitive, humiliating and degrading political antics of our Republican male counterparts.

Bottom line is…elected officials shouldn’t be trying to legislate abortion or erectile dysfunction. Our state has much bigger challenges. But when our male-dominated legislature gets that insatiable urge to “play” God every year, that’s exactly what they do.

So, if we’re genuinely concerned about women’s sexual and reproductive health, shouldn’t we be equally concerned about men’s?

We keep talking outta both sides of our mouths, but deliberately dealing with only one side of the issue. It typically takes two to procreate.

And since we insist upon governing some of it, let’s just go ahead and govern all of it…