Mia for Senate

Held hostage


This year has been one of South Carolina’s toughest.

Gun violence and hatred have terrorized our state and nation while politicians who claim to represent the people at every level of government do nothing.

On June 17, a lone, home-grown terrorist senselessly snatched the lives of 9 South Carolinians as they prayed and studied God’s Word at Emanuel AME Church in Charleston.

Last weekend, 3 people were murdered and several others injured when a gunman with SC ties and a pattern of violent behavior opened fire at Planned Parenthood in Colorado Springs.

And on Wednesday, we watched in horror again as a pair of domestic terrorists with an arsenal of weapons murdered 14 innocent people and injured at least 19 others at a social services agency in San Bernardino, California.

Meanwhile…self-proclaimed “Christian” politicians send their prayers and heartfelt condolences to victims’ and survivors’ families, in lieu of passing common-sense gun reforms or cracking down on illegal gun exchanges in this country.

Wonder if they would pray and do nothing if one of their own family members were gunned down.

I firmly believe in God and the power of prayer, but watching our elected officials use and manipulate our faith to suit their own selfish interests isn’t God’s will.

It’s theirs.

And yet…day after day, week after week, we allow them to hide behind their rhetoric, while we’re forced to deal with our reality.

“Faith without works is dead.” And if we don’t do the work to help put an end to this senseless gun violence, many more men, women, girls and boys across our state and nation will be too.

We’re 338 days in, and there have already been 355 mass shootings across this nation in 2015 alone. More Americans have been killed by armed, home-grown terrorists on our own soil than by ISIS, Al-Qaeda and other international terrorist acts combined.

And while common sense doesn’t seem to be too common here in South Carolina politics, there are some things we can do to take steps toward a safer SC.  That’s why I’ve prefiled a bill to require that guns not be sold unless and until the background check clears.

It’s not rocket science.

On October 26, when a female student at Spring Valley High School in Richland Two was violently ejected from her chair by a School Resource Officer and the video went viral, I didn’t hesitate to reach out to the Richland County Sheriff and Richland Two school board members to try and get the answers you deserve.

I’m the only Richland County legislator whose child is currently enrolled in Richland School District Two, which makes issues like these all the more personal.

That’s why I’ve prefiled a bill that will take our “disturbing schools” law back to its original intent, by allowing the provisions to apply only to outsiders who come into our schools or onto school grounds to disrupt instruction, threaten or cause harm to students, teachers, administrators and staff. Had this been in place, the school resource officer would never have been called into the classroom.

No student should be victimized or criminalized for ordinary classroom disciplinary issues. My bill would help to ensure nothing like this ever happens in Richland County or the state of South Carolina, again.

From day one, I’ve been fighting for you.

So while many of my colleagues enjoy coming to Columbia for their weekly 3-day staycations, the reality is…we waste a lot of time, which costs those of us who are small business owners and taxpayers, a lot of money.

That’s why I’ve also prefiled a bill that will shorten our legislative session and allow us to streamline our legislative process.

Real leadership is proactive and responsive to the needs of the people. It requires courage, vision, action and accountability.

That’s what you deserve and should demand of all of our elected leaders.

Don’t let them continue to hide behind the rhetoric. Their self-centered political ideologies are holding us hostage.

Isn’t it time we hold them accountable?