Mia for Senate

It Ain’t Over…


I’ve never had any delusions about my Erectile Dysfunction bill passing our male-dominated House, but what my GOP colleagues pulled yesterday was beyond ballsy.

I mean…they’ve got the numbers and the votes. Of course they’re gonna shut it down.

But whether they agree with it or not, shouldn’t we at least have an honest, open discussion about the merits of the bill and its broader implications?

Okay…maybe an “honest” discussion is a stretch, but surely they’re not opposed…especially when they’re so adept at debating our sexual & reproductive health.

There was a time when government leaders could shut a conversation they didn’t wanna have down, and that would be the end of it. But thanks to social media, it’s not as easy anymore.  And if the 13 million views of this video are any indication, this conversation is only beginning.

Good ole South Cakalackey…it don’t get no more hypocritical than us.

Hypocrisy is defined as pretending to have a virtuous character, moral or religious beliefs or principles that one does not really possess.

I’ve witnessed the height of hypocrisy during my 6 years in the SC House, as the majority claims to be pro-life…except when it comes to the death penalty, common-sense gun reforms, temporary government assistance for needy families, quality, affordable healthcare for all SC citizens, raising the minimum wage to a living one, closing the healthcare gap by expanding Medicaid or investing in public education instead of the prison industry.

If only my self-proclaimed “Christian” Conservative colleagues could help me understand one thing…when we kill ’em as babies, that’s murder. So what do you call it when we kill ’em as adults?

Sadly, in SC, when the umbilical cord is cut, so are the concern and compassion. Funny how one goes from being God’s chosen to society’s forgotten, simply by passing through the birth canal.

And if you’re still confused about my Erectile Dysfunction bill, don’t be.  Truth is…I’m not pro-abortion.  I’m just anti-hypocrisy.

Some even ask, “why compare the two?”  Actually…I’ve never said they’re comparable, but an erection is usually necessary for sexual intercourse, which can also lead to conception. And one can’t abort that which has not been conceived.  So, if government insists upon intervening in and regulating half of it…I’m just proposing that we intervene in and regulate all of it.

And since it’s dubbed the “Viagra bill,” let’s talk about those ED meds for a moment. Like many of you, I didn’t know that this drug was initially tested to treat patients who had cardiovascular and high blood pressure issues. Longer, harder erections were actually a side effect.  Now, men are dying to get it…literally.

Aren’t we equally concerned about that?

I don’t believe any of us were elected to govern abortion or erectile dysfunction, but the reality is our male-dominated legislature has always unabashedly and unapologetically governed women’s sexual and reproductive health. And women have historically suffered in silence.

But no more.

Guess that’s why ED is covered under our standard state health insurance plan, and until about 15 years ago, women’s birth control wasn’t…unless a physician deemed it medically necessary. Not until this year, did the State Health Plan begin covering routine contraceptives for women at no cost.  And our annual pap smears still aren’t fully covered…only the lab work, not the preventative exams during the office visit, which are usually the more expensive portion.

Yet somehow, we still manage to spend our time and your tax dollars on abortion bills every single year.  There were approximately 29 state-funded abortions in SC from 2011-2015 and by law, the state funds abortions in cases of rape, incest and protection of the life of the mother.

And whether you’re pro-birth or pro-choice, the sad reality is…we probably kill at least that many, if not more South Carolinians with our punitive, oppressive, regressive policies and practices.

My ED bill may have been silenced on the House Floor, but women and men across the globe are not about to let this broader conversation die. The hypocrisies and double-standards have been exposed, along with the  “ridiculousness” of our undue government interference.

Like it or not, this bill is a game-changer. And this conversation…

Well, it definitely ain’t over.