Mia for Senate

The Truth…


This is a state senate race, right?

The vicious lies and negative attacks that my opponent and her rich Republican backers are hurling at me in this SC Senate District 22 race are unlike anything we’ve seen…even in past gubernatorial and current congressional races. Guess Trump’s version of “nasty” has made its way to SC.

Way to go, Susan Brill.

Wish you were strong enough to run on your own merits, but obviously not.

So instead of focusing on real issues like equitably-funded schools, roads & infrastructure improvements, retirement benefits, Medicaid expansion, common-sense gun reforms, jobs, domestic violence and equal pay for equal work, I get to defend against a barrage of your negative attacks.

Let’s talk about a few of my faves…

  1. You’ve called me “controversial.”

I don’t go along to get along. Standing up and speaking out is the only way my constituents have a voice. You should try it.

  1. You’ve criticized me for working.

My firm has had a contractual relationship with the City of Columbia since 2004…six years before I even ran for office. Our work with the City since 2010 was legal, ethical and fully disclosed in my ethics reports. I know things have changed a lot since you worked for Sen. Strom Thurmond, but it’s 2016 now and many women actually work and serve in public office…simultaneously.

  1. You’ve said my “Viagra Bill” punishes men.

Interesting that you’re concerned about the implications for men, but refused to denounce Donald Trump when he laughed about sexually assaulting women. By the way, the women of District 22…the ones you’ve referred to as “the tiny element,” think it’s sad that you don’t get it. They appreciate that my bill exposes the hypocrisy of our male-dominated legislature and seeks to get government out of our healthcare decisions.

  1. You and your wealthy Republican Caucus backers have created websites in my name, to push your lies and hateful, nasty rhetoric.

If anything “stinks,” it’s folks who think they can put $100,000 of their own money into their campaign like you have, and buy a Senate seat. You guys are exactly the kind of good ole’ boys & gals who make honest, hard-working people think all elected officials are crooked.

  1. You’ve purposely misled the public about my attendance at the State House.

Thank God, my Conservation Voters, SC Chamber of Commerce, Planned Parenthood, SC Equality and SC Education Association endorsements prove that I was present, paying attention and voting. Nice try, though.

Here’s the deal…my record of service speaks for itself. So does yours.

Don’t hate because you’ve got decades of public service under your belt and nothing to show for it.  In all that time, we’ve never heard you speak up about anything or stand up for anybody.

You’ve never held a town hall meeting or community forum to even attempt to engage, enlighten or empower your constituents.

You constantly brag about not having to work and criticize me for earning an honest living, which proves you’re completely out of touch with working moms and dads across Senate District 22.

You keep talking about ethics, but my integrity has never been questioned.  You’re the only candidate in this race who has already had a formal ethics complaint filed against you for alleged inappropriate (campaign) use of confidential Richland Two data.

You rave about your African-American “Dems for Brill,” but fail to mention that this little coalition is mostly disgruntled Rec. Commission Director supporters, who hate the fact that I stood up for the people of Richland County and was the first to call for his resignation. They even hosted an event for you on the very day he was indicted by the State Grand Jury for coercing female employees to have sex with him.

You must be so proud.

Refusing to denounce Trump for sexually assaulting women. Calling my fight for women’s reproductive rights shameful and wasteful. Aligning yourself with someone who was indicted for inappropriate sexual conduct towards women.

That’s not leadership.  That’s status quo politics at its best.

It’s easy to see why you can’t run on your record, Ms. Brill.  But, can you at least  stop these lies and negative attack ads so that I can run on mine?


Help us fight the lies and negative attacks.