Mia for Senate

Why I’m running


Today, I’ve filed to run for Senate District 22. Here’s why…

I’m a fighter.

One of the things I’ve learned during my 6 years in the SC House is that many elected officials don’t have the courage to fight for what’s right—especially if they have to fight alone.

Too many don’t have a genuine compassion for people. They’re in it for themselves. And the longer they stay, the more their “public” service becomes their private gain.

Most don’t communicate with you in a meaningful way because they don’t wanna arm you with the truth. To do that would equip you with the tools you need to hold us accountable.

That was obvious during my first term in the SC House, when my colleagues gerrymandered our district lines to ensure a permanent Republican majority. That’s why I spoke out against their redistricting plan and fought it.

In 2012, Richland County faced the biggest elections debacle ever. Democrats and Republicans across our county were disenfranchised.

Public trust in the process was decimated. And while some of my colleagues fought to protect County Elections officials, I fought to protect you by leading the charge to hold those who were responsible, accountable.

In fact, I’ve been railing against good ole self-serving politicians from day one…unequivocally and unapologetically.

You always know where I stand on the issues…and the politics.

Why? Because, like many of you, I know what it’s like to be self-employed and have to go without health insurance because a pre-existing condition made my monthly premiums unaffordable.

I know how it feels to grow up in a small, rural community and not have access to the same educational resources and opportunities that my public school peers in more urban parts of the state have.

I know what it means to work hard every day and still struggle to make ends meet.

But knowledge is power. That’s why I host town halls and community forums on issues like the Affordable Care Act, redistricting, public safety, domestic violence, race-relations, diversity and teen dating violence.

And it’s why I participate in briefings and forums about road-widening & improvement efforts, economic development, gun reforms, DSS and other critical issues impacting our county and communities.

Even before the tragic shooting at Mother Emanuel, my race-relations town hall series initiated the conversations we need to have about race.

Last summer, I worked across party lines to help bring the Confederate Flag down and promote common-sense gun reforms, like my bill that requires gun dealers to wait until the background check clears before selling a firearm.

Since the historic, catastrophic flood devastated our County, our amazing Team SC has been right there, sharing critical information about FEMA and other emergency and disaster recovery efforts.

And when the incident occurred at Spring Valley High School in Richland Two, you deserved answers.

That’s why I’ve proposed legislation that would take our “disturbing schools” law back to its original intent, which is to protect our (in-school) students from outside agitators. My bill has received national media attention and was recently endorsed by our bipartisan Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children.

Each year, my colleagues have prioritized issues like abortion, while our deplorable road conditions, dire public education needs and accessibility to quality healthcare continue to languish.

So my Erectile Dysfunction bill isn’t about ED at all. Truth is…I’m not anti-Viagra. But I am anti-hypocrisy and anti-double-standards.

Frankly, legislators shouldn’t be focused on abortion or erectile dysfunction, especially when our state has bigger issues and challenges that are much more deserving of our time and attention.

And while the truth isn’t always pretty, palatable or politically correct, it is precisely what’s needed at every level of government.

From day one, you’ve been right there with me, and I’m so grateful for your prayers, encouragement and support. It’s time we take this fight to the SC Senate!

Together, we can continue to move our state forward.

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